Research and Development

With over 20 years of experience, SO.F.I.A COSMETIQUES Research and development laboratory aims to discover innovative texture concepts, assets and preservatives from natural plant. Our teams carry out this work in a permanent concern for quality, environmental protection and stability, which allowed SO.FIA COSMETIQUES to be one of the first laboratory to achieve the encapsulation of retinol, to develop successfully its expertise in micro-encapsulation and to be regularly acclaimed for the originality, the efficacy and safety of its formulas.

In 2000 the culmination of research on liposomes allows the birth of the concept of "timed-release" and the creation of encapsulation techniques of assets: the AMS (Advanced Microcaps System). The asset efficiency is optimized and gradually released in the cells heart.

In 2010, concerned for years about the quality of their developement, SO.FIA COSMETIQUES Laboratories became the fondator of an innovative project offering an effective alternative to chemical preservatives: Natubaval Project.